Benefits of Air Conditioning

With the recent heatwave bearing down on the UK and with potentially more heat to come, more and more people are thinking of investing in air conditioning units. Other than the benefit of keeping cool in the summer, there are a plethora of benefits to owning air conditioning to improve your home or office. With there being a wide range of brands and products to choose from, it can be hard to choose the best product for you, especially if you’re concerned about noise, size and energy consumption.

One of the more important benefits of having an air conditioning unit in your home is the reduction of humidity and reduced the risk of dehydration, owning air conditioning is also linked to better air quality. With most air conditioning units improving the ventilation of your home, this can decrease the amount of dust making it easier to breathe for those with allergies and improving the general air quality.

Keeping your home at a cool temperature during the night was a big task during the recent heatwave, with most of us struggling to get a good night’s sleep with the constant heat through the night. With home air conditioning you could get a great night's sleep no matter the weather! With some still working from home, rather than enduring the uncomfortable heat, keeping your work environment fresh and cool can improve work performance by increasing comfort.

When thinking of air conditioning, there are more choices than a complex wall-mounted unit, although a wall-mounted or free-standing unit can be ideal for some, most only need air conditioning for a few weeks/months through the summer to offer an escape from the heat.

But if you’re interested in larger air conditioning units for your home or office, see our Air Conditioning and Ventilation range!

Alternatively, portable air conditioning units are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK and with good reason! With an easy set-up, silent running and digital interfaces to manage all the functions of the unit, owning a portable unit allow you to store the air conditioning unit through the colder parts of the year and bring it out when needed. Making it a smart investment for those who can’t tolerate the heat or may live in parts of the country that saw the higher temperatures through the heatwave.

How BHL can help!

One of the newer ranges of products we are proud to announce is a fantastic range of mobile/portable air conditioning units by De’Longhi at affordable prices. With an emphasis on portable, all of our De’Longhi units come with durable wheels and side-carry handles which makes it perfect to move from room to room where it's needed most. De’Longhi has perfected and optimised the cooling airflow of the units to keep your home/work at a perfect temperature for you to control at your own preference, and with silent running only giving off a maximum of 65 dB of noise.

One of the features that concern people is the cost to run the units, with the cost of energy on the rise, the De’Longhi products we offer have a minimum of an A-class energy rating and a maximum rating of A++ making them a perfect energy efficient choice for a home that may be concerned about their energy bills.

Why not check out our De'longhi range!