How to Change the Little Things to Save Big Pennies!

With the cost of living on the rise, the need to squeeze every penny is becoming more of a necessity. Thinking outside of the box with different ways to save money can make all the difference for families looking to tighten their belts, within this blog we’re here to help you save money where it counts the most!

Changing your boiler can help save you hundreds of pounds a year, upgrading from a G-rated boiler to an A-rated boiler can save you up to £580 a year from an investigation conducted by Worchester Bosch. Upgrading in the summer means that you’re not without central heating when you need it the most. It also means that there is less competition between plumbers/installers and potentially more likely for offers to be available on upgrading throughout Summer.

Upgrading your thermostat is a very economical way of conserving energy and controlling your bills, with a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device such as Nest, you can turn down your heating while at work or away so that nothing goes to waste. Worcester Bosch also claims that turning down your thermostat by one degree can save you up to £105 per year!

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Changing the way you cook is a wonderful way to save more money in the long run, changing from using a conventional oven to an air fryer or microwave and save you hundreds of pounds a year. From an investigation by uSwitch, cooking a potato in an oven can cost 27p or by using a microwave, it can cost as little as 3p. As a healthier alternative, using an air fryer can cook a healthy meal for the whole family for as little as 22p and can cook in half the time. Starting at £49.03, a Tower Compact Air Fryer is a great way to start off!

These are just some of the bigger ideas that can save you long term, some of the smaller ideas could be changing from using your tumble drier to a clothes airer, or even switching to an energy-efficient Everready LED light bulb. A small investment of £12 towards an eco showerhead could save you up to £120, from research conducted by The Energy Saving Trust.

With an endless list of different ways to save money, these are just a few ideas to help you. Do you have any big tips on how to save money? Leave a comment below!