Control Your Heating to Control Your Spending!

With everyone feeling the effects of rising energy bills and the expectation of bills to rise even more over 2022, saving money has become more of a necessity. Household heating and hot water accounts for about 55% of a household's energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust (April 2020). Although replacing older boilers may not be cost-effective, changing the way you control your heating could result in some serious penny savings, the Energy Savings Trust estimates your annual heating bill increases by about 10% for every degree you turn the thermostat up.

To help you control your spending, our team at BHL has hundreds of different items that can increase the efficiency of your household heating to decrease your spending.

If you're looking for smart then Smart meters/thermostats are as smart as they come! They're are a great way to get you started in controlling your heating at home, with Wi-Fi-enabled products such as Nest learning thermostats, you can control your heating from work or away so that you're not heating an empty home. Although Nest thermostats are a little more pricy than other standard models, but with that higher price you get an easy to use and easy to install device, from which you have the ability to schedule the times you want your heating to turn on and off. Click the image below to check out our Nest products.

Smart Thermostat

Alternatively, Honeywell is a great brand for providing quality products at a budget price. Honeywell 7 day 2 zone programmer for example allows the flexibility of programming your heating schedule up to 7 days down to the minute! It also has some neat little features such as a "Holiday" button, allowing the user to switch off their heating for a specific number of days (anything from 1 day up to 99 days!). 

Honeywell 7 Day 2 Zone ProgrammerWith there being such a wide variety of thermostats and controls to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one for you. If you're ever in doubt, feel free to contact a member of our team to see what can offer for you!