Helping You Save Money at Home with BHL

With millions of people now feeling the impact of an unprecedented energy price rise of around £700 a year, now is the time to consider investing in some energy-saving products.

The 54% rise in the energy price cap with a further rise expected in October will push the annual bill up to £2,600. Energy price rises coupled with bill rises including council taxes and water bills along with the cost of living rises mean that households across the nation are set for a huge financial shock in the coming months.

We supply a wide range of products designed to help you save money on your energy. See below a list of efficient products to help you beat the energy price prices.


1/ Radiator Reflectors

Radiator reflectors are traditionally foil reflectors that reflect heat (up to 96%) back into the room. We stock a wide range of radiator reflectors, click here to view our range!


2/ Thermostatic Radiator Valves

A thermostatic radiator valve (or TRV) is a valve connected to your radiator that regulates the flow of water into a radiator. A TRV is self-regulating, designed to maintain a constant temperature in a room. Click here to see our TRV range!


3/ Cylinder Jackets

Keep your boiler cylinder snug and warm with an insulated hot water Cylinder Jacket. An insulated hot water cylinder jacket will help you save energy and money as well as keeping your water hotter for longer. Click here to see our Cylinder Jacket range!


4/ Central Heating Controls

Updating your central heating controls is one of the best ways you can save energy, without sacrificing your comfort. Smart controls will also allow you to control your heating using your mobile phone as well as learning the habits of your household, anticipating the heating needs of your home. Click here to see our Heating Control range!


Basic improvements to help lower your energy bill also include the installation of Draught Excluders and if all else fails a good old fashioned Hot Water Bottle!