Cylinders & Water Heaters

We have a wide selection of cylinders & water heaters including direct, indirect and copper cylinders. Our huge selection has been handpicked from the most reputable of suppliers. A hot water cylinder can be found in most homes, they’re commonly used to ensure copious amounts of stored hot water is available on demand for baths, showers and kitchen use. Each home requires a different cylinder dependent on how much water you intend to use throughout the day. Cylinders are most commonly found in two categories, unvented and vented. An unvented cylinder works off the mains pressure water and therefore eliminates the need for a header tank in the loft. They offer higher hot water flow rates and are able to provide higher water pressure for showers and baths. An unvented cylinder doesn’t require a feeder tank and therefore frees up valuable space in the loft area. Vented cylinders have a header tank that is usually situated within the loft area. The header tank feeds through the cold water from the mains feed and relies on gravity to pass the water through the pipes to your heating system. It is normally associated a conventional heating system. Direct cylinders are heated via an internal element, usually an immersion heater. Immersion heaters heat the water in the cylinder directly. The water in the cylinder is not heated via any other heat source such as a boiler making the cylinder an electric only option. Once the water has been heated it’s fed out of the top of the cylinder and supplied to the required outlet. Indirect cylinders are heated via an external heat source such as a boiler or solar panel. The water inside the cylinder is then heating using an internal coil exchanger, which transfers the heat obtained via the external heat source, to the water inside the cylinder. Indirect cylinders may be fitted with immersion heaters acting as a supplementary heat source.
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