Meet the BHL Team!

Neil Bumford - Managing Director

As the founder of BHL, being a headstrong director, Neil has over 20 years of e-commerce and sales experience to provide the best products at the best price provide with absolute confidence and satisfaction to our customers.

Favourite Food: Sunday Lunch

Favourite Movie: Jaws

Business Contact: [email protected]

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Jerome - Digital Marketer

As the digital marketer of BHL, Jerome utilises a plethora of digital tools to improve the customer experience and satisfaction which continues to contribute a confident and productive attitude to the workplace.

Favourite Food: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Favourite Movie: The Blues Brother

Business Contact: [email protected]

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Joe - Digital Marketing Assistant

Working within the marketing team, Joe is a fantastic team player, bringing a wide array of skills to BHL. Joe has also been a part of many projects, and campaigns and continues to be of value to the team!

Favourite Food: Lasagne

Favourite Series: Mr. Robot

Business Contact: [email protected]

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Lee - Team Leader

Lee has a vibrant persona that keeps the team motivated and on track, providing a helpful demeanour to all of our customers and is someone who leads by example to get the job done!

Favourite Food: prawn linguine

Favourite TV Show: Alan Partridge

Business Contact: [email protected]



Danny - Warehouse Manager

Being the warehouse manager, Danny is a strong-willed person that is able to create productive and effective solutions to manage the sale of over 130,000 products to be shipped all over the country.

Favourite Food: Nando's

Favourite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Business Contact: [email protected]


Luke - Warehouse Supervisor

Taking pride in an efficient and immaculate warehouse, Luke has a positive and "Can Do" attitude to shipping our products nationwide on time and making sure they arrive safely.

Favourite Food: Chicken Tikka Masala

Favourite TV Show: Eastenders

Business Contact: [email protected]